The Sun Will Always Rise (Paperback)-Vivian Bri Masuku

This book is a reflection of my life and how I had to make tough decisions that make me who I am today. I am an advocate for conscious living...
This book is a reflection of my life and how I had to make tough decisions that make me who I am today. I am an advocate for conscious living and are in tune with my life now. As a child, you grow up with the hope and wish that your life will be perfect. Think about the moments when you couldn’t wait to get out of your parent’s home to start your own family. Imagine all the plans you made and then question how many of those did you follow through on.
A family is the most important aspect of one’s life and it will be in moments of darkness that will bring much-needed light and support. I spend quite a bit of time in the book talking about the support that my husband has given me and how over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate him. 
The nostalgia of our childhood memories sparks a lot of excitement as I narrate my life story because like most adults, how many times do we wish we could go back and start from scratch. My view is that we can’t start from scratch but can affect a better ending. All it takes a positive affirmation every day and not only that but believe and act your own beliefs too. That is how we keep going.
I spend a considerable amount of time talking about my past challenges (ranging from being bullied to losing my one and only sister and my sicknesses and how I overcame even the worst critics. I mention in the book that I suffer from 3 conditions namely Brain tumor(fully recovered), epilepsy and lupus. I am one person who self-motivates and I will take you through how I defied the odds and completely proved doctors wrong.
I am a believer, I love the Lord and during this time, I have come to rely on Him more and have learned that no matter what anyone can say, God has the final say, He knows our tomorrow and He really prepares a table before us in front of our enemies.
I will take you through my journey with the hope that even if you don’t suffer the same fate as me, you can use some of the anecdotes I share to improve certain areas of your life. The aim of this book is to show you that a human spirit, in the right frame of mind, with the solid support, can traverse even the worst of situations you find yourself in. This book is very dear to me and as such, my prayer is that you find something you can use to improve the quality of your life. If I can help you achieve something significant, then my wish for writing this book will be completed. I wish you a good life and remember that if you have a good family structure, you are blessed.
“People who encourage us motivate us but it is more the people who don’t believe in us that motivates us even more”
Bri Masuku


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