A Gentle Whisper (Paperback) Dr Nonkosi Slatsha

"A Gentle Whisper" tells the story of one woman’s encounter with a small voice she calls a Gentle Whisper. Could this be the voice of God, or is it a...
"A Gentle Whisper" tells the story of one woman’s encounter with a small voice she calls a Gentle Whisper. Could this be the voice of God, or is it a grandiose delusion of a crazy woman? Could there be another world out there that is invisible to the human eye? This book brings a new perspective to the lifelong debate on the existence and authenticity of God. It raises the question of whether humans can still hear the voice of God. Or is the Bible the only form of communication that we have from God? The book also challenges the role of women in the service of God. They say ‘woman is made for man’. Could there be another reason for the creation of women besides for the enjoyment of men? If God chose to reveal Himself today, would He reveal Himself to a woman? And if so, what would He expect that woman to do with such a revelation in light of what the Bible says about women being silent in the church? Hearing the voice of God is something no-one would be silent about! The book candidly addresses these and many other questions that both Christians and non-Christians have about the existence of God. If you are at a point in your life where you have seen it all, done it all, yet still feel that this ‘ain’t’ it’; if you feel that something is missing in your life that you can’t put a finger on; if you have been lost and are yet to reach the ‘now I am found’ part, I encourage you to read this book. You might find what you’ve been searching for. You might just exhale: “Whew! Free at last! Found at last! Saved at last!”


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A Gentle Whisper by Nonkosi Slatsha

Wow Nonkosi has a real gift for writing.
Found her book "A Gentle Whisper" to be an interesting read.
Her experiences in life and with God are real wow moments.
May God keep on inspiring her in her writing.



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